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You are about to sign a purchase contract for a real estate in Luxembourg and you want to know within only a few hours if you can finance it? CREDIT SCORE Luxembourg uses 15 years of banking experience in a self-developed scoring model to calculate how likely you are to have an credit approval for the property you are willing to buy, no matter if this is your first acquisition or an rental investment.

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Precise Credit Scores!

We at CREDIT SCORE have developed a mathematical formula which gives us a precise rate of credit solvability for the property you are about to buy. We use the information that you fairly indicate in your request, and we promise to come back to you with a CREDIT SCORE certificate shortly after you have introduced your request.

We do also provide with each single request your personalized and optimized mortgage financial plan and offer a free mortgage broker service which will lead to a successful home loan approval. Try it out and follow the next steps.

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