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First Time Buyer

You decided to purchase your very first primary residence. With Credit Score Luxembourg, you won’t need to wait many days for a bank approval but we are providing you within just a few hours a certified document indicating your solvability score for a precise real estate.

Primary Residence

You are planning to buy a second real estate, which is still going to be your primary residence. The question is: would it eventually be possible to keep your actual real estate and rent it out or do you absolutely need to sell it? Just calculate the mortgage credit capacity and receive your optimized financial plan.

Rental Investment

You own some cash and don’t want to invest it in volatile financial markets. The real estate market in Luxembourg could assure a high rentability over the last decades and the local government still offers interesting fiscal advantages when you purchase and finance new constructions. Why don’t you simply calculate your credit capacity for a specific property before you sign a purchase contract.


A separation is never easy to handle, especially if you need to divide a mortgage credit. With credit score you can easily know if you will be able to avoid selling your conjugal home and eventually take over the home loan by including an eventual cash out to your partner.

Re-Financing & Consolidation

You own a property, your credit runs smoothly, you’re a long term client at your bank but you heard that your neighbor has a better interest rate on his home loan and he finances his summer holidays this his tax optimization. Well, the only thing to do is to ask a credit score and know, if other banks might be interested in taking over your existing credit to better conditions, we’ll provide a tax optimization at the same time.